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When you register with us, you are eligible to become a SoundExchange member.


Membership benefits include:


International royalty collections
We have 45 collection agreements with other countries. When your music is played in those countries, SoundExchange will facilitate payments for those royalties along with your U.S.-based ones. SoundExchange does not charge a fee for this service. If you would like us to collect your international royalties, you must also complete an International Mandate.


Influence on music business and government policies
Thousands of artists and hundreds of other companies work with us to fight for performance rights and maintain the value of music. You can help too.


Music conference and equipment discounts
We offer our members exclusive discounts to conferences and equipment.


 If you are not yet registered with SoundExchange, register now and elect to become a member.


If you’re already registered with SoundExchange and wish to become a member, download, complete and submit the appropriate form:



If you are a SoundExchange member and would like us to collect your international royalties, download, complete and submit the appropriate form:



You can also contact us at 1-800-961-2091 or and tell us you want to become a member and/or allow us to collect your international royalties today!