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DMW Music: 12th Annual Digital Music Forum East

September 9, 2014

New York, NY

Rights, Licenses & Royalties: What Does It All Mean for the Business of Music?

  • Featuring Scott Berenson, Director, Claims Management
  • 4:15pm – 4:55pm
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage
    36 Battery Place
    New York, NY 10280
    This panel of experts in music rights will discuss the current status and debates over rights licensing and royalties as it relates to creators, rights owners and digital music businesses. What are the latest business, legal and policy developments? What needs to happen so that creators can make a fair living, labels, studios and publishers can see a fair return on their investments, technology companies have an incentive to innovate and receive a fair share of the pie and fans can satisfy their hunger for and exploration for new entertaining content?

    About:   The 1-day Digital Music Forum on Sept. 9 brings together senior music, technology, media and investment leaders for networking, meetings and deal-making. This year's event will be packed with great content, stellar people and a lot of companies that are new on the music-tech scene so come on out and enjoy!  

    Use code SOUND15 for 15% off registration.