SoundExchange Testifying on Music Licensing Issue

SoundExchange Testifying on Music Licensing Issue

As you may know, a bill is circulating in Congress called the “Internet Radio Fairness Act” (H.R. 6480/S. 3609). We strongly believe that this bill would be anything but fair – particularly for tens of thousands of recording artists and record labels that we represent.

It is our mission to protect, propel and support the digital music industry moving forward. For this reason, SoundExchange President Michael Huppe will testify today, Wednesday, November 28, before Congress in opposition to the “Internet Radio Fairness Act.” This bill could dramatically cut the royalties that Internet radio services pay to music creators. It also does nothing to address the fact that AM/FM broadcasters still pay nothing in performance royalties to recording artists and record labels.

As representatives of both recording artists and record labels alike, we believe creators deserve more for their contributions to the digital music space, not less. Creators should receive fair compensation for their work, and we will deliver that message directly to Congress.

You may watch the webcast of the hearing today at 11:30 am ET at:

You are also encouraged to visit to learn more and write your member of Congress.  Let them know that musicians should not be deprived of the income they deserve.