Vote for SoundExchange with the SXSW 2014 Panel Picker

Vote for SoundExchange with the SXSW 2014 Panel Picker

Session ideas for SXSW Film 2014, SXSW Interactive 2014, SXSW Music 2014, and SXSWedu 2014 are now open for voting.

Review the list of panels we’ve submitted and cast your votes of support.

SoundExchange Panels: 

Designing the $100 Billion Music Business – Join our esteemed group of industry luminaries leading the charge to new revenues that will drive more investment in artists, and a more profitable music industry for everyone in the business.

Digital Radio Marketing Tactics – Meet the next generation of digital radio services, utilizing the standard compulsory license available through SoundExchange to gain access to the world of recorded music without needing to license music through direct negotiation.

Digital Music Heavyweights Duke It Out – This debate-style panel will feature individuals from different sides of the digital radio argument who will engage in an open discussion over what “fairness” in the digital music industry really means.

Maximizing International Performance Royalties – Specialists in this area will give a very brief overview of what performance rights are and how they work, and some starting points for how U.S. artists and indies can best manage these rights, both in the U.S. and internationally.

SoundExchange: What It Is & How to Get Your Share – SoundExchange will explain how registering (free!) with them can earn you royalties for plays on satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels and other services that stream sound recordings.