Underpayment Suit Against SiriusXM

Underpayment Suit Against SiriusXM

Taking A Stand for Artists and Copyright Owners

On August 26, 2013, SoundExchange filed a lawsuit against SiriusXM to recover digital royalties representing up to $100 million or more that were not paid between 2007 and 2012. During this time, the satellite radio company took a number of impermissible deductions and exemptions in calculating its royalty payments to SoundExchange including those for pre-1972 sound recordings and certain channel packages containing music. The company also failed to pay the legally required fees due for several late payments within the same period.

We are seeking to recover these royalties on behalf of the artists and labels we represent.

It’s our job to protect the value of music, both today and in the long-term. We strongly believe that the musicians deserve to be paid for their creative contributions. That’s why we are taking this stand.

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From the artists

“I thank SoundExchange for once again looking out for musicians’ rights. Preserving the long-term value of music is something all artists should take seriously. I feel confident knowing SoundExchange is looking out for artists like me and collecting my rightfully earned money. This lawsuit against SiriusXM — to recover the digital royalties owed to artist for the use of their content — is just another example of how SoundExchange is going the distance and collecting all digital royalties for those of us from the golden age of vinyl,” Martha Reeves, legendary R&B artist, former lead singer of Martha and the Vandellas.