Artist Spotlight: Ocho de Bastos

Artist Spotlight: Ocho de Bastos


Popular, DC-based, Latin band Ocho de Bastos, recently dropped by the SoundExchange offices. We had a chance to chat and hear some of the band’s latest music.

Ocho de Bastos literally means 8 of Clubs which is culturally associated with new beginnings and good fortune. The band has definitely had a mixture of both.

The band started with eight original members but now consists of five people. Transition happened through different visions for the band and common space restrictions among performance venues. Outside of the band, space has long been an issue for Ocho de Bastos.


The first performance the guys booked brought out over 400 people to a club with the capacity of 250 people. This was a moment of affirmation for the band. Before booking a sold out show, the band was denied by 35 other venues.

Since starting out in 2009, the band has seen growing success and ventured into doing original music.

After sharing the story of their beginnings, the band also shared the following quick points with us:

Biggest lesson:
The music business is about creating relationships and not just finding the next gig.

Favorite metro DC venues to perform:
The Fillmore and the 9:30 club.

To the fans:
Be careful using online translators for the lyrics. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the tropical rhytms mixed with Pop and Rock offer something for everyone.

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