Artist Spotlight: Josh Damigo

Artist Spotlight: Josh Damigo

Indie artist, Josh Damigo, best known for his single “Pocket Change” recently dropped by the SoundExchange offices.

Despite coming from a family who, according to Josh, “does not get music,” he believes SoundExchange made him a rockstar.

He’s been a full-time artist since 2007 and is working on a new album to release this winter. Though he has stories of playing to a crowd of only four people, Josh keeps a positive outlook for his future.

“There are only two things in life you can really control…Those two things are your attitude and your work ethic. Everything else you have absolutely no control over,” said Josh as he explains why he keeps on pushing and pouring his emotions into every song and performance.

Josh performed a great acoustic set for us and left us with these words of thanks,”You guys are making a huge difference for little guys like me.”

Head over to the SoundExchange Sessions page to watch videos of Josh’s performance.

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