Artist Spotlight: U.S. Royalty

Artist Spotlight: U.S. Royalty

This week SoundExchange had the pleasure of hosting the Washington, D.C. based band U.S. Royalty.

The band is self-described as creating music that “can be used as a guide of discovery” and also compliments traveling. U.S. Royalty released their debut album, Mirrors, in 2011 and will release their sophomore album on January 21, 2014.

As an Indie rock band U.S. Royalty relies heavily on technology for marketing and promotion but the band values the ability to work with companies they believe in. When asked about the conundrum known as social media the band explained their method of getting away from technology when trying to write and then coming back to it with the goal of sharing it with as many people as possible.

Being an indie band comes with thriving on creativity and spontaneity both on and off the road. The band also enjoys the perk of interacting with their fans. Singer, John Thornley said, they love engaging on social media because they can look at it and say, “this is our voice, there is no scripted message behind it.”

“Authenticity, is everything I like about our music,” said bass player Jacob Michael as the band described one of their favorite songs, “The Desert Won’t Save You.”

The entire band agreed they value authenticity in every aspect of the process from creating music to sharing it with fans.