A Word From the Artists

A Word From the Artists

The music industry has seen many changes – most recently with the continued growth of digital radio streaming. This is a revenue stream that more and more musicians are coming to depend on – whether they’re just starting out or have enjoyed a career that spans the decades.

SoundExchange often hears from the musicians that benefit from this new and growing digital royalty stream that we administer. Recently, we heard from those artists that support our efforts to protect the value of their sound recordings, and our efforts to fight for fair compensation on their behalf. Following are some of the notes of “thanks” that we received:

“SoundExchange plays an increasingly valuable role for artists in the new era of music business. If not for SoundExchange fighting the good fight, there’d be a lot less of us that could continue to devote ourselves to making music, to give the world our best – and ultimately the sum of all music would suffer,” said Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, solo artist, producer and lead guitarist, Guns N’ Roses.

“Every artist wants to create timeless music,” and artists like Tommy James and the Shondells, best known for 1960s hits like “Hanky Panky” and “Crimson Clover,” agree “It’s great to have SoundExchange fighting for my rights, as time passes and the music lives on.”

“SoundExchange has always been there to collect royalties for us. Streaming royalties have become a critical part of our revenue stream and it’s good to know SoundExchange is looking out for our interests,” said Pete Yorn of The Olms.

This type of support fuels the fire to collaborate with other organizations to reach artists and get them paid. Preserving the long-term value of music is ingrained in the mission of SoundExchange and we’re committed to doing all we can to ensure musicians are paid fairly for the art that fuels digital radio. We encourage you to help us support the creators of the music we all enjoy. Show your support by using the hashtag #valuemusic and visiting our Advocacy section for more information on current and past legislation affecting the music community.

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