Top 5 Reasons Joining SoundExchange Should Be Among Your New Year’s Resolutions

Top 5 Reasons Joining SoundExchange Should Be Among Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the holidays behind us, who couldn’t use some extra cash? So why not make a resolution you can really stick to this year and register with SoundExchange. Registering with SoundExchange is a great way for recording artists and record labels to get paid for their work…and the best part is that they most likely already earned it.

Here are five great reasons you should resolve to join SoundExchange TODAY!

    1. You may already have money waiting:

SoundExchange collects royalties on behalf of recording artists and master rights owners for the use of their content from satellite radio, Internet radio, cable TV music channels and other services that stream sound recordings. You must be registered with SoundExchange in order to receive royalties from us; otherwise we won’t know where to send your money!

    1. SoundExchange is the only organization that collects this type of royalty:

SoundExchange is the independent nonprofit performance rights organization that compensates performers and copyright owners for the sound recording itself. While other performance rights organizations compensate the song writer and publisher.

    1. Once you’re registered, you’ll be paid for the lifetime of your music:

Music is immortal and timeless. SoundExchange collects royalties for every track played. Heirs and estates can continue to collect royalties after an artist has passed.

    1. The list of digital radio services playing your music is always growing:

There are now 2,000+ digital radio services streaming music, and even more expected to enter the market in 2014. With a digital radio station for every niche and genre, someone is bound to be enjoying your music right now.

    1. Joining is free and easy!

When registering, be sure to check “Become a Member” and you’re automatically supporting the organization’s ongoing advocacy efforts to help other musicians and support the long-term value of music. Plus, SoundExchange has resolved to add new discounts and benefits exclusively for members in 2014.