“The SoundExchange Summit” Is a Hit at New Music Seminar 2014

“The SoundExchange Summit” Is a Hit at New Music Seminar 2014

Last week SoundExchange participated in New Music Seminar 2014 featuring the SoundExchange Summit – a conference with more than 160 artists, producers and businesspeople from in and around the music business. New Music Seminar provides a forum for new ideas and discussions about the ways to change the music business for the better, and SoundExchange was proud to be a part of it.

Our President and CEO, Michael Huppe, kicked off The SoundExchange Summit with a keynote offering his thoughts on the current state of music royalties for recording artists and record labels and how terrestrial radio (AM/FM) does not pay performers for their music.

Huppe challenged the audience to think differently about the value their music creates, and that they should share in that value: “radio needs you (artists), more than you need them.” He also made sure to point out, “I’m not suggesting a world where FM radio goes away – I’m just suggesting a world where FM radio pays fairly to the artists who bring those songs to life, and shares with them a piece of the revenue that their creations (and their hard work, and sweat, and their risk) help create.”

The SoundExchange Summit also featured a panel with SoundExchange Senior Vice President and General Counsel Colin Rushing, where he discussed ways companies can achieve continued success with evolving technology.

For those new to SoundExchange, we hosted workshops for artists, labels, and digital radio services. These workshops allowed for a more intimate setting where members of the industry were able to interact with our team members from our Claims, Industry Relations and Licensee Relations departments.

It was a pleasure to participate in New Music Seminar 2014. SoundExchange is committed to advancing the music industry and serving as an ally for the independent music community.