#RespectAllMusic Video: Musicians on the Rise Support Project72

#RespectAllMusic Video: Musicians on the Rise Support Project72

This morning, we released a video featuring Washington D.C. and New York City based artists, asking them what music means to them and to share which legacy artists inspired their work. The video features:

SoundExchange believes that all artists, regardless of when their music was created, deserve compensation and most importantly, respect for their work.

Watch the video now and find out how vintage rock, soul and blues inspired some of today’s hottest budding talent.

SoundExchange launched Project72 earlier this summer in support of the RESPECT Act (H.R. 4772), which would require digital radio services to pay royalties to pre-1972 artists when their music is played by digital radio companies. Currently, some the biggest digital radio providers in the world are not paying royalties to musicians who recorded music before February 15, 1972.

Learn more about Project72 at www.Project-72.org and use the hashtag #RespectAllMusic to show your support.