With the AMP Act, Congress Adopts SoundExchange System for Efficiency in Payments to Producers

With the AMP Act, Congress Adopts SoundExchange System for Efficiency in Payments to Producers

Last week, U.S. House of Representatives Members Joe Crowley (D-NY) and Tom Rooney (R-FL) introduced the Allocation for Music Producers Act or AMP Act (H.R. 1457) – a bill that would formalize into law the long-held SoundExchange policy of honoring a “letter of direction” from an artist to re-direct royalties to the producer who was part of their creative process. The AMP Act is also supported by The Recording Academy.

Since its inception, SoundExchange has proactively supported artists’ requests to direct payments to producers and engineers. And it is our hope that this bill will go even further to cement the rights and ability for producers and engineers to collect their hard-earned revenue.

As members of the Recording Arts and Sciences Congressional Caucus, Representatives Crowley and Rooney know the struggle that so many in the music industry go through to receive fair pay. SoundExchange is fully supportive of the AMP Act to ease the distribution of royalties so that the creative community can focus on what they do best – create the music we love to listen to, while we focus on the rest. “The AMP Act will make it easier for producers and artists to ensure everyone involved in the creative process is paid for their contributions,” says President and CEO Michael Huppe. “We fully support adding this practice into law.”

Our goal as an organization is to support and advocate for the rights of the creative community – especially when it comes to fair compensation for the work that they do. The AMP Act will create a permanent and consistent process for these payments to be made. We look forward to working together with these leaders to ensure that these changes are incorporated swiftly, completely, and in a way that is easy to understand.

To tell your congressional representative to support the AMP Act, click here.

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