Which of Your Recordings Were Played? Visit the SoundExchange PLAYS Database Today to Find Out

Which of Your Recordings Were Played? Visit the SoundExchange PLAYS Database Today to Find Out

The SoundExchange PLAYS Database is a tool that allows users to determine if royalties are owed to them, or to monitor digital performances. If you’re a featured artist or a sound recording copyright owner, you can more effectively track your repertoire using the database.

We created the SoundExchange PLAYS Database for YOU to search for songs reported to us by webcasters, satellite radio, digital cable music services and satellite television music services. You can search by featured artist, song title, album, rights owner or a combination of fields.

In addition to searching for repertoire on the PLAYS database, another benefit SoundExchange offers is the ability to share your metadata with us in one file. This offers important advantages for you:

  • Sending a single file is faster & easier for you, as opposed to entering multiple searches and one by one submissions – we realize that searching PLAYS can be time consuming;
  • Your recordings will be added to the SoundExchange repertoire database, such that your tracks are searchable by music services and future reports of performances of your recordings will be paid to you;
  • You will only need to submit your repertoire once.  Although be sure to send us your new releases on a regular basis as needed.

Following this process will greatly improve the data we use to pay royalties and find you more money!

To submit your repertoire, first make sure you are registered with SoundExchange. If you are not yet registered, please visit our online registration. Once you are registered, you can contact our Account Services team at [email protected] and request a Repertoire Metadata Template or you can simply download the form from our registration and membership page (it is located under the Registration Form section).