Global Royalties, Exclusive Discounts & More: The Perks of Being a #SXmember

Global Royalties, Exclusive Discounts & More: The Perks of Being a #SXmember

More than $800 million in digital performance royalties paid in 2015. Approximately $3.5 billion paid directly to artists and labels to date. Those are some big numbers—and very good reasons to register with SoundExchange!

But registration alone doesn’t grant you access to all that SoundExchange has to offer. In order to take advantage of all the perks of SoundExchange, you have to become a SoundExchange member.

SoundExchange membership is free. And with it, you’re entitled to exclusive benefits like:

  • International collection. When your recordings are played around the globe, SoundExchange can collect those royalties for you. With 45 international performance rights agreements in 34 territories around the world, we ensure your international money isn’t left on the table.
  • Savings on gear, events and more.We offer our members exclusive discounts on services, conferences, equipment and continuing education. From web design and studio booking to online degree programs from the Berklee College of Music, we aim to support every aspect of our members’ creative success.
  • Insider access and industry information.As a member, you’re eligible to participate in exclusive SoundExchange and industry events, educational sessions and discounts to select services.
  • Government advocacy. SoundExchange is dedicated to defending music creators, performers and investors, making sure they’re paid fairly for their work. Our members receive timely updates about policy issues that are critical to creators.

As an artist or rights owner, you might already be registered to receive your SoundExchange royalties—but if you’re not a member, you’re not reaping all the benefits available to you!

When you register for SoundExchange, remember to sign the membership agreement and international mandate to take advantage of all the benefits we offer. (Did we mention it’s free?)

Or, if you’re already registered with SoundExchange and wish to become a member, submit your membership agreement here today.