Girl Power: Maddie & Tae Give Country Music a Makeover

Girl Power: Maddie & Tae Give Country Music a Makeover

A pair of 20-year old female singers continues to attract attention and gain fans with their unique perspective and catchy lyrics.

Maddie & Tae have carved out a unique niche in country music. As a young, female duo, they stand out in a music genre dominated by male singers.

Before Maddie & Tae began their current tour, they stopped by SoundExchange. We talked about their backgrounds, the singles on their first album and bullies. (We’re looking at you, Sierra…)

Maddie & Tae met through their vocal coach in Dallas when they were 15 years old. Not only are they singers, they also write their music, and they are drawing attention for those catchy songs (“Shut Up and Fish” and “Girl in a Country Song”).

Maddie hails from Sugar Land, Texas, and Tae grew up in Ada, Oklahoma – also the hometown of country singer Blake Shelton.

They moved to Nashville when they were 17 and signed a record deal in 2014.

Their first single, “Girl in a Country Song,” makes fun of the stereotypes about women and country music’s tendency to objectify females in lyrics and in music videos. Only the third female duo in Billboard Country Singles chart history to have their first single hit #1, the song was certified PLATINUM. The pair decided to “spin it around and tell the world what it’s like to be the girl” in the videos, Maddie said. “You don’t have to look like this stereotypical person to be beautiful.”

They followed that with “Fly,” and in May that single received the 2016 Radio Disney Music Award for Favorite Country Song. They also received the award for Favorite Country Artist.

The latest Maddie & Tae song generating buzz, “Sierra,” addresses bullying and comes straight from Maddie’s own past. “Sierra” is a song about the leader of a group of high school kids who bullied Maddie while she was growing up.

“I really was nervous about releasing this song,” Maddie said. “It’s one of my favorite songs… but at the same time all your business is out in the world.”

“Sierra” is the fourth song from their debut album, Start Here, out on Dot Records.

“We wanted to make a fun and humorous song to make light of the situation,” Tae said. “For us, it was really cool to write a song so specific to Maddie’s situation, but yet so many people are relating to it.”

Maddie & Tae are in the midst of a major tour, opening for Brad Paisley, and working on a special capsule collection for Bloomingdale’s AQUA Line.