No Joke: SoundExchange Collects Royalties for Comedians

No Joke: SoundExchange Collects Royalties for Comedians

Performance royalties are no laughing matter.

Royalties make up an important share of the revenue that comedians, actors and spoken word artists collect each year.

We wouldn’t joke about that.

“SoundExchange went the distance for me! There’s nothing better than knowing someone is making sure you get paid – well there is one thing – finding out you have money coming to you,” comedian Cory Kahaney said.

SoundExchange has paid more than $4 billion in royalties to date, but we can only collect and distribute your royalties if you register with us. Many comedians have done just that, and now they get paid for their work when it’s played on non-interactive digital radio, including services like Pandora, SiriusXM and iHeart Radio.

“Thank you very much, SoundExchange, for tracking down the back royalties I was owed for my comedy albums,” comedian Eric Hunter told us. “You’re a life saver! If I ever get a family and a table, I’ll now have money to put food on my family’s table.”

So register with us here or the joke is on you. You can also become a member – registration is different than membership. Membership is free and allows us to collect international royalties on your behalf and get those royalties to you. Becoming a member has a lot of benefits including:

  • International collection. When your recordings are played around the globe, SoundExchange can collect those royalties for you. With 45 international performance rights agreements in 34 territories around the world, we ensure your international money isn’t left on the table.
  • Savings on gear, events and more. We offer our members exclusive discounts on services, conferences, equipment and continuing education.
  • Insider access and industry information. As a member, you’re eligible to participate in exclusive SoundExchange and industry events, educational sessions and receive discounts to select services.
  • Government advocacy. SoundExchange is dedicated to defending comedians, actors, spoken word artists and music creators to make sure they’re paid fairly for their work. Our members receive timely updates about policy issues that are critical to creators.

So remember that you can register online.

Do you want to learn more about digital royalties? Check out our info here. All the forms you’ll need are on our Registration and Membership page here.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us at 1-800-961-2091 or email us at [email protected].

All joking aside, we want to do everything we can to help you succeed, and that means collecting and distributing your royalties to you quickly and efficiently so you can focus on what you do best – making people laugh.