Artist Q&A: Catching Up with Jake Miller

Artist Q&A: Catching Up with Jake Miller

Warner Brothers recording artist Jake Miller celebrated his birthday this week. He turned 24 on November 28, but his fans are the ones who received a gift – he announced that he will go on tour in February to promote Overnight, the EP he released in August. Despite his busy schedule, the Weston, Florida, native recently took a few minutes to tell us about his third EP, the video he did with Olympic gold medalist, Simone Biles, and touring with Fifth Harmony.

SoundExchange: Overnight came out in August, and it’s your third release. Are you happy with the reception from your fans?

Jake: I’ve never been so overwhelmed with such a positive response in the past four or five years of making music. The fans love the new sound, and I’m hearing from more and more people every day that they are new fans because of this new project. I couldn’t be prouder of the Overnight EP.

SoundExchange: Now that Overnight is out, do you expect to go on tour? If so, what preparations are you making for your next tour?

Jake: I’m going on tour in early 2017 and it will be my biggest and best tour yet. I’ll be playing all my new music along with most of the old fan favorites. It’s going to be an extremely energetic show from start to finish.

SoundExchange: What are the best and worst parts of touring?

Jake: The best part of touring is getting to travel and see so many new places – and doing it alongside my best friends makes it even better. The worst part is that it can be very hard to find showers on the road sometimes. Hygiene is now always on point when on tour.

SoundExchange: The video for your song, Overnight, generated an angry reaction from a small group of vocal people. Were you surprised that Simone Biles received criticism for appearing in your video, and do you think people overreacted?

Jake: I was not surprised that the video received those kind of comments. Its YouTube, every Joe Schmoe in the world can make an account and hide behind their keyboard spewing out nonsense comments. The video turned out amazing and Simone looks beautiful in it. Neither of us pays attention to the comments because the more attention a video gets, the more prone it is to BS comments.

SoundExchange: Did you enjoy working with the Olympic gold medalist, and can you see her appearing in more videos?

Jake: She was so much fun to work with. Always smiling and laughing. Just great energy.

SoundExchange: You recently signed with Warner Bros. Records. How has moving to a major label helped your career or changed your approach to making music?

Jake: Signing with a major label is something that every artist strives for so signing with Warner was a dream come true. They have shown me so much support and really welcomed me with open arms to their WBR family. I appreciate everything they do for me.

SoundExchange: After the release of Overnight, you began opening for Fifth Harmony. What did you learn from the group that has helped your career?

Jake: I’ve known the girls of 5H for years now and they only get sweeter and more talented with time. I see how they interact with their fans and from another artist’s perspective, I can really appreciate that.

SoundExchange: In the digital age, how important has streaming been in getting your music into the hands of music fans who are more concerned with access to music than owning music?

Jake: Streaming is extremely important. How we listen to music has completely changed over the past few years. Now, everyone has a chance to hear my music whether they can afford it or not.

SoundExchange: As streaming continues to grow, how important is it for recording artists to register with SoundExchange?

Jake: It’s extremely important. As an artist, I work very hard. Although spreading my music is much more important than making money, everyone should be rewarded for their work.