Artist Q&A: Catching Up with Sammi Sanchez

Artist Q&A: Catching Up with Sammi Sanchez

Sammi Sanchez had a big moment in her career recently when she performed during MTV’s Video Music Awards “Best New Artist” Night in August. The “VMA Weekend” event gave the 19-year old singer a chance to perform for a big audience at a high-profile event. Sanchez is a rising pop star who’s working with former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson. She released “Deeper” in May, and her profile has been growing steadily since. Read our interview with Sammi and find out what she has to say about working with Jackson, writing “Deeper” and what’s next.

SoundExchange: “Deeper” was released on May 12. You’ve only released a few songs in your young career. What does it feel like when a new release comes out?

Sanchez: Releasing a new song is so exciting to me. It also makes me very nervous…haha! I love being able to share my music because every time I release a song, I am sharing a piece of me.

SoundExchange: Can you talk about the work behind putting “Deeper” together? Did you write it alone or with others? How did it go once you got in the studio? Any surprises in the recording or production?

Sanchez: “Deeper” was a song idea I got after seeing my ex at a party. I really felt the urge to express how I felt which was a content, chill vibe. I wrote this song with Melanie Fontana and Ale Alberti! I brought the song idea to them and they really helped me bring it to life. I’ll always remember dancing around in the studio with them! It’s always so fun writing with my girls!

SoundExchange: You drift back and forth from English to Spanish when you sing. How do you decide which lyrics to sing in English and which to sing in Spanish?

Sanchez: I never like to force the Spanish. If it flows and makes sense, then that’s when the Spanish will come in.

SoundExchange: “Deeper” came out just before summer. You released “Girls Talk” last year. Does that mean another single is coming in early 2018? Or have you been too busy promoting “Deeper” to spend time in the studio?

Sanchez: The studio is my happy place. I love creating and learning! I’m trying to keep myself as busy as possible writing and getting new content for everyone who follows me. 

SoundExchange: As you know it’s National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15). Latin music is exploding in popularity. How does your Mexican heritage influence your art? And do you consider yourself a Latina pop star? An American pop star? Or both?

Sanchez: My Mexican heritage influences my art for sure! I sing in Spanglish because that’s how I feel. I feel in both languages! I think it’s super important to incorporate that because I know a lot of Latin Americans can relate to flipping the languages – going in and out of the two daily when communicating! Also, I love when non-Spanish-speaking people can get a taste of the Latin culture and flavor while still being able to follow and feel the song with my English lyrics.

SoundExchange: How has working with former American Idol judge Randy Jackson influenced you? Has that relationship helped you musically? How so?

Sanchez: Randy has been amazing to me! He is such an amazing mentor and he has taught and continues to teach me about this crazy business every day. He is no beginner when it comes to this stuff (obviously, haha) so grateful that he sees my vision and that he’s so supportive.

SoundExchange: What do you think of streaming? Does it help you reach a broader audience? Do fans let you know they discovered you on streaming services?

Sanchez: Streaming is the new wave. It’s so easy to have all music at your fingertips. I think it’s super helpful for new artists like myself to get out there and connect to new listeners and give to my fans! I’ve had a few people tell me they have found me through random playlists they were listening to while streaming! I love that it’s so easy!