Producer Q&A: Catching Up with Matt Squire

Producer Q&A: Catching Up with Matt Squire

Producers play an important role in the careers of recording artists and rights owners.
And SoundExchange plays an important role in the careers of producers through our Letters of Direction (LOD). Last year we added an enhanced view of executed LODs on SoundExchange Direct.

Recently, producer and SoundExchange member Matt Squire stopped by SoundExchange to talk about LODs. Watch our interview with Matt below.

If you want to learn more about LODs simply go to SoundExchange Direct, select the “Letter of Direction” tab and then select “View Current LODs” to see summary and detailed information of royalties paid to and received from third parties. That means a registrant can see who they are paying and who is paying them via LODs.

This information is equally useful for recording artists who pay LODs and the producers who are paid by an LOD. Information available under “View Current” on “Letter of Direction” tab includes:

  • A summary count of active LOD agreements in our system showing the number of LOD agreements a user’s registrants are either paying to (or are being paid by) third parties
  • A detailed view, which expands on one registrant’s LODs to provide the names of the third parties and a count of the royalty items involved with each LOD
  • The ability to see the specific royalty items involved in an LOD by Title, Artist and LOD Percentage
  • Functionality to export a CSV file that include all LOD details for a registrant

All data provided on SoundExchange Direct’s “Letter of Direction” pages is current information from our Rights Management database. If you do not see an LOD you submitted listed there, it is likely still in process or there may be an issue that needs to be resolved.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our Customer Service team about your account, our team is standing by. You can reach us by phone at (800) 961-2091 Monday through Friday 9am-6pm ET, or by email at [email protected].