Honored to Work on Behalf of the Indie Community

Honored to Work on Behalf of the Indie Community

By William Glanz

One of the coolest things to happen here at SoundExchange this year occurred when the fine people at A2IM named us a finalist for a prestigious 2018 Libera Award. The A2IM Libera Awards provide a platform for the independent music community to come together to celebrate the accomplishments of indies.

Few things are as gratifying as the recognition of your peers, so we were both honored and elated to be named an Independent Champion Award finalist.

“We passionately believe the health and vitality of independent record labels all over the world is crucial for the future of the entire industry. We are big supporters of the independent artists and labels we serve, and big believers in A2IM’s mission. It is rewarding that our efforts have been recognized by our peers with this nomination for the Libera Awards’ Independent Champion. We commend our fellow nominees for their service to the independent community,” SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe said.

The indie community is as vibrant as ever – one look at the A2IM Libera Awards nominees reveals the creative genius of the artists and labels fueling the renaissance of indie music. It is a privilege to support such creative genius.

So we will continue to do all we can on behalf of indie artists and labels – from advocating for you so you receive fair pay, to making sure royalties get to you quickly and efficiently, to resolving overlapping sound recording copyright claims.

We will continue to promote your work.

And we will continue to tell people about the spirit and drive of the indie community.

That is the goal of our new “Declarations of Independents” video series.

Thanks to the entire indie community for the opportunity to support your careers.

Thanks to A2IM for naming us a finalist for the Independent Champion Award.

We appreciate your vote of confidence.

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