Music and Social Media: In Perfect Harmony

Music and Social Media: In Perfect Harmony

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By William Glanz

Music and social media are linked more than ever, according to new research from industry analyst MusicWatch.

Ninety percent of social media users engage with music or musicians – by viewing videos or posts featuring musicians, liking or sharing a musician’s post, discovering music or sharing music.

“In an era when politicians are renowned for their use of Twitter, music is a primary driver of our interactions with social media,” MusicWatch Managing Partner Russ Crupnick wrote in a post about the new report, released Monday. “Together, social media and the music industry create a unique harmony.”

So what’s the most popular platform?

MusicWatch found that:

  • 68 percent of Snapchat users view or post videos from a live event
  • 56 percent of Instagram users follow, share posts or tag artists
  • 51 percent of Twitter users follow or get updates from an artist or influencer
  • 44 percent of Facebook users like an artist or band

Social media users also are more likely to follow a musician than any other celebrity or public figure:

  • 57 percent of social media users follow at least one artist or band
  • 50 percent of users follow at least one actor or actress
  • 35 percent follow at least one professional athlete
  • 30 percent follow a reality television star
  • 25 percent follow a politician

Why is that?

“The reason is simple; while today’s tweet or fashion comment is evanescent, users have a sustained interest in the careers of their favorite artists and want updates on their music projects, live tours and lifestyles,” Crupnick wrote.

MusicWatch conducted the study, “Music & Social Media: A Consumer Perspective,” in April 2018.

Infographic showcasing data from the music industry on consumer social media habits.

Infographic: Music Watch – Music & Social Media: A Consumer’s Perspective