SoundExchange Congratulates Billboard’s 2018 21 Under 21

SoundExchange Congratulates Billboard’s 2018 21 Under 21

By William Glanz

The recording industry’s youth movement is real.

Billboard’s new list of 21 Under 21, released October 12, is a “who’s who” of pop, hip-hop and EDM/dance artists. Many of the recording artists on the 2018 list of musical savants have one thing in common – they blew up on social media and commanded the attention of a music industry that’s always on the lookout for emerging artists.

And they aren’t looking back.

You know what else they have in common? Many of them are SoundExchange members, and we’re proud to make sure they receive their digital sound recording performance royalties.

We’re also honored to have worked with so many of the artists on the 21 Under 21 list throughout their careers.

Shawn Mendes (#1) tops the Billboard list, and he participated in our #TestimonialTuesday program more than two years ago. This will be Shawn’s last time on the list – he’ll turn 21 by the time the next one comes out. And he’ll probably have five more No. 1’s by then… Shawn needs his own list!

Just two weeks ago we presented Noah 

Cyrus (#12) with her “Breakout Artist of 2017” award. She also was part of our #TestimonialTuesday program.

Earlier this year we spoke to Billie Eilish (#4) at South By Southwest Music Festival. Hey, it’s not like we know all the artists who are going to make it big, but we did host Billie for a performance at our SOUNDExchange SESSIONS concert series at SXSW this year. Just sayin’!

Almost two years ago we  spoke to Daya (#7) and interviewed her for our artist Q&A blog series because we noticed she was blowing up with songs like “Sit Still, Look Pretty” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Christian Nodal (#17) is one of many recording artists in the Latin music community who have signed up with SoundExchange to receive royalties. We were honored to present Christian with a “Breakout Artist of 2017” award to commemorate his rise to fame.

Recently, we also had the honor of working with CNCO (#11), who participated in our #TestimonialTuesday program.

If you’re at the beginning of your career, do what these recording artists did – register with SoundExchange so you collect all your digital sound recording royalties throughout your career.

Haven’t registered? You can register online and find important forms and other info here.

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