Coming Soon: Updates to SoundExchange Direct increase control, transparency

Coming Soon: Updates to SoundExchange Direct increase control, transparency

By Scott Berenson and Michael Darpino

This November, SoundExchange will release a host of new features to enhance the “My Catalog” section of SoundExchange Direct (SXDirect).  This marks the most significant update to our client portal since it was introduced in 2014. These features will further empower music creators and their authorized representatives by providing artists and sound recording copyright owners (SRCO) with enhanced ability to manage their existing repertoire and to make new claims on recordings in our databases.

In particular for SRCOs, we are excited to share that this update will also provide them with the ability to self-manage overlaps and disputes with other SRCOs. By moving this process from our bi-annual “email rounds” to the SXDirect platform, we will be able to bring new overlaps to your attention in near real-time and reduce resolution times by months. We are also introducing a major change to how SRCOs submit their sound recording ISRC catalogs via SXDirect , which features in-app validations and will dramatically reduce the processing time for their ISRCs to appear in our repertoire database.

Together, these updates will provide you with a transparent view of all sound recordings that are currently associated with your account and enhance our ability to collaborate with you to ensure that you are collecting all of the SoundExchange royalties for which you are owed – accurately and on time.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

New features available to all users:

  • Associated Recordings: A display of all recordings currently associated with your account and the effective payment percentage you would receive for each whenever royalties for these recordings are reported.
  • Search & Claim: The ability, for the first time, to search and make claims in our complete database of sound recordings. For your convenience, this list already excludes all of your currently associated recordings from your search results. Therefore, if you find a result that is a recording that should be connected to your account, you now have the ability to claim it via SXDirect!
  • Upload History: Be able to review your SXDirect claims and ISRC upload history and download those files.

New features available to SRCOs:

The following features will only appear in your SXDirect account if you, or one of your registrants, is setup as an SRCO.

  • Submit Recordings: Upload complete recording and release data for every ISRC you own. This tool enables you to enter accurate, standardized data directly into our repertoire database and provide claim information for each ISRC uploaded.
  • Overlaps & Disputes: Have access to nearly real-time transparency into your active SRCO overlaps and disputes on recordings and the ability to resolve them yourself. This will replace our traditional email-based overlap and dispute process, and, in turn, significantly improve efficiency in addressing overlaps and disputes. In addition to this access, SXDirect will also email you a weekly digest summary of your overlap and dispute activity with links to view and take action on them in My Catalog.