Natti Natasha Holds Down the Throne as the Reggaeton Pop Queen

Natti Natasha Holds Down the Throne as the Reggaeton Pop Queen

Natti Natasha reigns as Reggaeton’s pop queen. She has climbed the ranks as one of Billboard’s chart-topping artists and become one of the most-watched female Latin performers on YouTube. Earlier this year she dropped her platinum certified debut album, “Illuminatti,” a project dominated by power anthems and features by fellow Latin female artists, Anitta and Kany Garcia.

The Dominican singer first started training for her succession of the throne at the age of seven. Her parents registered her at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago, Dominican Republic where she started developing her singing abilities. After commanding the attention of an audience of listeners in the DR, she moved to the Bronx to further cultivate her voice. She caught the attention of labels and skyrocketed her career success.

Natasha’s story is one of betting on her dreams and leaning into opportunities to learn from the best. She recently shared the story behind some of her most exciting collaborations, moving from the Dominican Republic (DR) to New York, and her favorite artists from the DR.

SoundExchage: Your collaborations seem to have no boundaries. You’ve worked with everyone from Daddy Yankee to the Jonas Brothers and Anitta to David Guetta, what have you learned from collaborating with such a diverse group of artists?

Natti Natasha: I consider myself very fortunate, especially in the past year. From Daddy Yankee, I’ve learned discipline – whether it be at the studio or on a stage. Collaborating with artists like Jonas Brothers, Anitta and David Guetta, has given me a wider appreciation for cultural diversity. As a women, and a Latina, I’ve always appreciated cultural diversity, but co-existing with different artists of different genres and from different cultures has not only expanded my appreciation for the differences and similarities among them, but their work ethic and audiences has been amazing to witness and be a part of.

SX: How have you grown as an artist since getting signed in 2012?

NN: Wow! When I look back, I couldn’t have imagined I’d be living this moment. From wanting to be mentored to (now) being a mentor on the “Reina de la Canción,” reality show is just amazing. I could not have imagined being the one who’d be inspiring future female stars.

SX: You moved from the Dominican Republic to the Bronx to follow your dreams. How do you stay true to your Dominican roots while taking on global career?

NN: I always love to go back to my hometown; sit down and listen to the sounds of the Dominican Republic. One of my most treasured moments is to sit down with my family and friends who know Natalia.

SX: Who are your three favorite artists from the Dominican Republic?

NN: I have many, but I’d have to say Romeo Santos and Milly Quezada.

SX: How has streaming changed your approach to the business side of music, and how has SoundExchange helped elevate your music career?

NN: Streaming changed the opportunity for artists, and especially us female singers. It’s opened the door for fans to discover our music and SoundExchange has been an amazing ally in my career to help me achieve my economic goals.