How Sech Went from Street Performer to Latin GRAMMY Nominee

How Sech Went from Street Performer to Latin GRAMMY Nominee

The Panamanian artist, Sech, captured our attention with the release of his hit single, “Otro Trago,” which landed on the Billboard Hot 100 list earlier this year. His rise to becoming a charting musician has humble beginnings. Sech got his start crooning on street corners and was discovered in 2017 by fellow Panamanian, Dimelo Flow, after his hit single “Miss Lonely” went viral in Columbia. Today, he’s one of 2019’s most promising artists with multiple Latin GRAMMY nominations.

Earlier this year he released his album, “Sueños,” which landed number three on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and his single, “Otro Trago,” hit number one on the Billboard Latin charts. Sech continues to win over the world’s heart by seducing us with his lyrics, sharing his dreams, and spreading his positive vibes. We recently spoke with Sech about getting his start as a street musician, the Panamanian artists he’s listening to, and how streaming is changing his approach to music.

SoundExchange: You first got your start as a street musician. What encouraged you to stay on course despite various obstacles?

Sech: What always inspired me to keep moving forward is my family, my parents, and being able to grow as a person myself. Being able to do something that I enjoy professionally, I really think it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life.

SX: How have you grown as an artist since being discovered and signed in 2017?

Sech: Since I’ve been discovered, I’ve worked a lot with (producers) Rich Music and Dimelo Flow to create new music every day, and now look where we are. Thank God! Little by little, we’ll keep reaching for the top.

SX: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Sech: My music could be described as something that people from diverse cultures could really enjoy – something for everyone and every generation.  If someone has never heard my music, I’d recommend checking my digital and social media channels, right now! And (hahaha), I hope they connect and love it.

SX: In a recent interview you said, “if things are going great for me, then many people might begin to explore the music industry in Panama. This is not only for me. I want the new generation of artists to see that everything is possible.” Who are some artists from Panama you are rooting for?

Sech: Just like how they discovered me, I think a lot of people in the industry will start to pay attention to the artists coming out of Panama. I support artists like BCA, el Boza, a lot of artists that are coming out strong.

SX: What has been one of your favorite projects or artists to work with so far?

Sech: In reality, all the people that I’ve worked with I’ve felt really good about. They’ve all been a different experience, but I’d love to work with Drake and Post Malone one day. Hopefully, we’ll be able to reach that goal someday.

SX: How has streaming changed your approach to the business side of music, and how has SoundExchange helped elevate your music career?

Sech: I think that the industry is always changing. With each generation, new artists are emerging, and now digital platforms are helping a lot by making the music more accessible, in a faster way. SoundExchange has helped my career a lot, they’ve really supported my career. Humbly, I’m very thankful for the support.