Mastering My Catalog: A Guide to “Search & Claim”

Mastering My Catalog: A Guide to “Search & Claim”

By: Cooper Drummond and Morgan Kaylor

Want to make sure that you are receiving royalties for all your sound recordings? Our “Search & Claim” tool in SoundExchange Direct (SXDirect) allows you to search our complete database for sound recordings that are not yet associated with your account.

This feature was added to SXDirect as part of an update to the “My Catalog” suite. It provides music creators with greater control over their account by allowing them to proactively ensure that all of their recordings are connected to their account so that they receive all the royalties that may be due to them.

“Search & Claim” is an essential tool for music creators who are new to SoundExchange and for music creators who already have accounts. With this tool, creators can now proactively direct us to associate recordings in our database to their accounts through an easy-to-use online portal.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to begin using “Search & Claim”

Step 1

Log into your SXDirect account. Select My Catalog > Search & Claim. You will then select your
Claim Type: SRCO or Artist.



Tip: If you have both artist and SRCO claims to submit, then you will handle each claim separately. Please follow steps 1 – 7 for your artist and/or SRCO claims.


Step 2

In order to check if a sound recording is in our system and has not yet been associated to your account, fill in the search box with any of the following information: title, artist name, ISRC code, or an album the sound recording may have been released on. The more information you’re able to provide, the more detailed the search results.




Step 3

Search results, as illustrated in the following screenshot, will automatically appear once you enter information about the sound recording. For your convenience, this list excludes all of the recordings already associated to your account. Search results include the title, artist name, ISRC code, and SXID for each sound recording.

Note: Sound recordings found in search results frequently do not have any reported usage or accrued royalties. However, the best way to make sure you do get paid when usage is reported is to proactively make claims so we can have your rights in place.



Tip: You can view all sound recordings that are currently associated to your account in the Associated Recordings section of My Catalog.
Tip: Use the ‘Exact Match’ function if you are searching for a specific sound recording.
Tip: An SXID is a unique code that SoundExchange assigns to each sound recording in our database to ensure that each track can be easily identified. It is helpful to have these SXIDs just in case it does not have an ISRC code.


Step 4

After reviewing the search results, please select the sound recordings you would like to claim by clicking the check boxes to add them to your cart. You can do as many searches as you’d like to fill your cart before proceeding to the next step.




Step 5

Once you selected all the sound recordings that you would like to claim, click View Cart. There are two different cart views depending on the type of claim you are making:

For Artist claims: Enter the percentage of the artist share that your registrant would like to be paid for each sound recording.

Artist view:



For SRCO claims: Enter information into three required fields.

  • Claimed % – the percentage that your registrant should paid for performance of this sound recording.
  • Start Date – The date after which you have the right to collect SRCO royalties for performances of the sound recording. If your rights began when the recording was first released, please select “Inception”. (Ex: If you enter 1/1/2010, then you would receive royalties for performances broadcast after 1/1/2010 but not for performances broadcast before that date)
  • End Date – The performance date before which you have the right to collect SRCO royalties for reported performances of the sound recording. If your rights do not have an end date, then please select “Perpetuity”. (Ex: If you enter 1/1/2030, then you would receive royalties for performances broadcast before 1/1/2030 but not for performances broadcast after that date.)

SRCO view:



Tip: To save time, use the ‘Apply to All’ function if you are making the same claim for all sound recordings.


Step 6

Once you have entered the required claim information for the sound recordings in your cart, click “Review and Submit.”




Step 7

After reviewing all of your claims, click on “Submit” to create a case for our team to validate your claims and associate sound recordings to your account.

Tip: Every time you submit a claim cart, we summarize it in a .csv file stored in your My Catalog > Upload History

Remember, once a sound recording has been associated to your account it will appear in My Catalog > Associated Recordings

Tip: If you search for a previously submitted sound recording and notice lower-case “i” (see below) next to the sound recording this signifies that your claim is currently in your cart already or pending internal processing by our staff.



If you have any questions, we have created a one-page summary of all the new features that you can access by going to My Catalog > About My Catalog. If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-961-2091.

SXDirect accounts are only available for SRCOs and Artists registered with SoundExchange. To register with SoundExchange please visit: