SoundExchange Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

SoundExchange Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, SoundExchange observes National Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate and honor influential Hispanic and Latino Americans who have made — and are making — an impact on the music industry.

Latin music and revenues continue to outperform growth rates of overall U.S. music revenues. Despite the challenges Covid-19 posed to performers, according to RIAA’s Year End 2020 Latin Music Revenue Report, U.S. Latin music revenues nevertheless grew 19% in 2020 to an estimated $655 million in retail value.

“Hispanic heritage and Latinx music represent a rapidly growing and culturally indelible piece of the music industry,” says SoundExchange President & CEO Michael Huppe. “We’re proud of all the creators behind this genre’s success and join our counterparts in the music and entertainment industry in acknowledging the value and shining a light on these significant contributions and achievements.”

This month, SoundExchange will feature curated playlists on its digital properties to showcase the brilliant sounds and artistry. “We invite you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with us as we share exclusive interviews and sounds from various artists contributing to these genres,” says Huppe.

Latin music spans several genres — salsa to samba, bachata to reggaeton, tango to bossa nova — each bringing distinct sounds and evoking emotions that capture the essence of regions that span Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and more.

Click here for the first curated playlist.