SoundExchange Legislative Fund

Advocating for the rights of all music creators has always been central to our mission at SoundExchange. We are on Capitol Hill every day amplifying the voice of music creators to protect the value of their work.

Our members have always been critical partners in this work. Every day we fight to close the FM radio loophole that allows Big Radio to make billions without paying artists a dime. We work against proposals that would drastically cut the royalties digital radio services owe to the music creators whose work fuels their businesses. And we defend legacy recording artists whose right to be paid at all has been challenged by some of the biggest digital music providers in existence. All of that work is done on behalf of and in partnership with SoundExchange members.

We know that music creators face a growing chorus of opponents in Congress whose aim is to do serious damage to the value of music. Like our well-heeled opponents, SoundExchange must rely on a variety of strategies and tools to build relationships with policymakers and to advocate for our priorities. One important component is our political action committee (“PAC”), the SoundExchange Legislative Fund.

What is the SoundExchange Legislative Fund?

To support our work in Washington on behalf of music creators, SoundExchange created the SoundExchange Legislative Fund. The SoundExchange Legislative Fund is made up entirely of voluntary contributions from SoundExchange members and employees, which are then used to make contributions to candidates for federal office.

Under applicable law, the amounts that may be contributed to and by the SoundExchange Legislative Fund are limited, and we are required to take steps to ensure that contributions are strictly voluntary.

Want More Information?

If you are a SoundExchange member, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (202) 864-0923 for more information or to determine whether you’re eligible to participate in the SoundExchange Legislative Fund.

If you are not a SoundExchange member, but would like to become one, please visit our registration and membership page for more information.