Member Benefits

You must register with SoundExchange to collect your digital performance royalties. But why stop there? Membership has its privileges, and at SoundExchange it’s free. We collect international royalties for SoundExchange Members for free. Read more about this and all of the other benefits below, or you can become a member now.

international collection

When your recordings are played around the globe, SoundExchange can facilitate those royalties for you – for no added fee.

lifestyle & industry savings

We offer members exclusive discounts to services, conferences, equipment and continuing education.

insider access & information

Eligibility to participate in exclusive SoundExchange and industry events, educational sessions and eligibility for SoundExchange Awards Programs.


We fight for fairness and the future of music. It’s our job to ensure the creators of sound recordings, the recording artists who perform them and the record labels who invest in them, are compensated for their creative contributions.

If you are not yet registered with SoundExchange, register now and elect to become a member.

If you’re already registered with SoundExchange and wish to become a member, download, complete and submit the appropriate form:

If you are a SoundExchange member and would like us to collect your international royalties, download, complete and submit the appropriate form:

You can also contact us at 1-800-961-2091 or and tell us you want to become a member today!