International Collection

Performance royalties earned in foreign countries are a growing source of global revenue for recording artists and record labels. SoundExchange is a worldwide leader in collecting performance royalties internationally. With dozens of reciprocal agreements with sister collecting societies, SoundExchange works closely with these societies to ensure our members receive royalties from performances of their recordings in foreign territories. SoundExchange collects international royalties and our administration rate on royalties from your U.S.-based digital performances is the lowest in the industry. We simplify the collection process to ensure none of your international money is left on the table.

SoundExchange has 46 international performance rights agreements with Collective Management Organizations (“CMOs”) in 35 territories around the world, covering all of the top music markets and approximately 80 percent of the world outside the U.S. This allows us to collect your money when your music is played in a foreign territory. CMOs send your royalties to us. We send it to you along with your U.S. payments. Plain and simple.

Benefits to having SoundExchange collect your international sound recording royalties:

  • Unparalleled processing speed. 90 percent of our royalties are paid out within 45 days of receipt, and we’re the first (and only) recording CMO to pay out monthly. When it comes to incoming international royalties, we pay out quarterly.
  • In territories where SoundExchange has reciprocal agreements, we can collect terrestrial and public performance royalties for eligible artists.
  • One single point of contact and collection for all of your worldwide digital radio royalties as well as all performance royalties abroad.
  • Dedicated customer service.
  • Superior Data Management from our Rights Management Department ensures that repertoire is properly claimed by artists and rights owners. Our meticulous data collection methodology maximizes your revenue.
  • Worldwide clout. As the largest CMO, SoundExchange has clout when advocating on behalf of artists and rights owners.