“Thanks for the check in the mail. Love you guys.”

– Miguel

“Feliz y agradecido de formar parte de mi familia de SoundExchange, quienes creen en mi música y son parte de mi crecimiento.”

– Gabriel Coronel 

“As performing artists, The Roots are forever grateful to SoundExchange for protecting our rights and royalties.”

– The Roots

“The checks keep coming in and are always a welcome surprise. SoundExchange is great! THANK YOU!”

– Tom McTigue, Comedian

“I love SoundExchange! It’s a game-changer and a life-changer. I am so grateful to this service for protecting and looking out for artists. I love that someone is watching over my comedy bits. SoundExchange is my wonderful guardian angel. ( Which is awesome because prior to SoundExchange, I was convinced all my guardian angels were black-out drunks…)”

– Carla Collins, Comedian

“We love you SoundExchange! Not only do you throw a great party, but your people are always there to help us get collected, protected and paid. Here’s to you for having our backs.”

– The Mowgli’s 

“We are very happy to have SoundExchange looking out for us as we navigate the ever-changing world of digital music.”

– Atlas Genius 

“I appreciate SoundExchange immensely. Thank you for all you do to support and protect artists’ rights and royalties.”

– Jill Scott 

“SoundExchange fights for the rights and rewards of artists, so we need to keep fighting for SoundExchange. Artists, don’t let your creativity and hard work go without fair compensation due to lack of knowledge or apathy. SoundExchange is here to help.”

– Andrew Norelli, Comedian 

“Just received my first royalty check, so I want to THANK YOU for everything you’re doing! What a fantastic service!”

– Dirk Quinn 

“This is one of those rare times when something that is too good to be true is actually true. It’s great to receive regular royalty payments for my work but also thanks to SoundExchange I’m now aware of more markets that are hungry for my style of content. I was shocked at how much air time my content was getting and even more surprising was the money that I received as a result. SoundExchange is great for all types of artists but it is a MUST HAVE for stand up comedians.”

– Kyle Radke, Comedian

“When I found out about SoundExchange I couldn’t believe my ears… You guy are the TRUTH. You really respect the Artist. Thanks For Everything! ”

– Nephew Tommy

“When your bits are getting played on Pandora and Sirius XM (or many other streaming services) you are generating income. SoundExchange collects royalty money for you the comedian from digital play on streaming services. In fact, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in unclaimed money they can’t wait to pay out!”

– Rik Roberts

“SoundExchange is the best company.. reaching out to me to pay me.. You guys rule!!!”

– The Album Leaf (James Lavalle)

“We’ve come a long way and we still have a ways to go, but I’m sure we’ll see the Promised Land for performers.”

– Martha Reeves 

“My wife and I just received our first SoundExchange check. We’ve been struggling to get by since we just brought home our first baby a couple months ago. We saw that check and cried and cried! Thanks so much for helping me collect royalties!”

– Jeremy Nunes, Comedian 

“SoundExchange helped make me a full-time musician. They always answer questions promptly, treat me with respect, and understand my business better than I do. Basically, they made me a rockstar.”

– Josh Damigo 

“Working with SoundExchange has made all the difference in the current economy. Art is taken for granted, and many companies profit from artists without giving a second thought to HOW THESE ARTISTS AND THEIR FAMILIES SURVIVE. SoundExchange goes out of their way to MAKE SURE THE ARTIST IS TAKEN CARE OF and that business is handled all around. I AM HAPPY TO BE WORKING WITH THEM”

– Talib Kweli

“When I found out exactly what ya’ll did, I said the next time I got into D.C., I wanted to personally come up here and thank the person who went out and actually found me a check. And so for that, I am always deeply, deeply indebted to you all.”

– Earthquake, Comedian

“We really appreciate what a great job you all do in protecting our artist’s sound recording royalties and our label’s sound recording royalties. Without you all, we may not know what we are really supposed to be getting paid. ”

– Travis McFetridge, CEO & President, Great South Bay Music Group, Inc 

“As a proud independent artist it is important that I associate myself with organizations that provide simple and effective solutions to getting paid and advocating for the rights of artists like me. SoundExchange is a big answer to many questions I’ve had.”

– Carla Morrison 

“I received a phone call….”Hi, my name is Michael, I just wanted to let you know that SOUNDEXCHANGE has some back royalties and we will be sending you a check”….the first thing I thought is….does this guy have the best job in the world?…he’s calling me…an unknown pianist to tell me they are sending me a check? You have to love that company. thank-you SOUNDEXCHANGE….I did my part and now you are helping me :)”

– Rada Neal, Pianist 

“Maximum respect to SoundExchange for the great works that they do for artists. The service provided by SoundExchange is of a great help and assistance to many artists trying to survive in this digital world of music. Royalties collected and distributed to its members, by SoundExchange, are a joy to us all and in many cases this enables us to keep moving forward, doing what we love. Congratulations and thanks for the excellent service. Best wishes to all members of your team. Let’s keep the positive vibrations going strong with SoundExchange.”

– Junior Marvin