Copyright and Technology NYC 2017

Copyright and Technology NYC 2017

Jan 24, 2017

New York, NY


Copyright and Technology NYC 2017 is the eighth annual one-day conference that focuses on the dramatic and fast-moving influences that technology has on copyright in the digital age. SoundExchange is proud to be a part of this unique forum where technologists, attorneys, media industry people, and public policy decision makers get together in the same room for intelligent dialog over current hot topics related to copyright and technology.

To register, please visit the Copyright Society of the USA’s event registration page.

Panels Featuring SoundExchange:

  • Money Changes Everything: Accountability and Transparency in Music Transaction Processing

    Date: Jan 24, 2017

    Time: 2:30-3:30 PM

    Location: New York University Kimmel Center

    Featuring: Colin Rushing, SVP & General Counsel

    Panel Description: The settlement of songwriters’ recent lawsuit against Spotify resulted in the music streaming giant creating mechanisms for publishers and songwriters to submit data on rights ownership. Meanwhile, a new standards effort, the Open Music Initiative, proposes industry-wide mechanisms to ensure accountability and transparency in music royalty transaction processing. Our panelists will speculate about whether these technical capabilities will lead to new sets of expectations for administration of royalties in the future.