Digital Innovation in Music Summit

Digital Innovation in Music Summit

Feb 25 - Feb 26, 2016

Nashville, TN

SoundExchange is proud to sponsor the 2016 Digital Innovation in Music Summit. The summit will bring together some of the key thinkers and changers within the industry to discuss how to move online successfully, what digital can do for different areas of music and how this will improve and expand moving forward.

Day 2 of the summit will kick off with an “Introduction to SoundExchange” presentation by Linda Bloss-Baum, Senior Director, Artist and Industry Relations. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn, discover and discuss the true future of the music industry!  Online videos of all sessions, with integrated slides and audio will be made available to all attendees after the event.

The main themes for this year’s summit are:

• Digital Music & New Media Platforms

• Music Marketing & Fan Engagement

• Discovery & Delivery

• Digital Business Models