SoundExchange and BandPage Collaborate on Initiative to Put $2 Million in Unclaimed Royalties in Musicians’ Pockets

SoundExchange and BandPage Collaborate on Initiative to Put $2 Million in Unclaimed Royalties in Musicians’ Pockets

WASHINGTON –SoundExchange, a music industry non-profit focused on distributing digital performance royalties to recording artists and record labels, and BandPage, a leading solution for musicians to manage their presence online, recently teamed up to notify recording artists of unclaimed royalties with SoundExchange.

Together the two groups identified more than $2 million in unclaimed digital performance royalties for thousands of BandPage musicians who have not yet registered with SoundExchange. Bandpage musicians with unclaimed performance royalties will be notified by BandPage directly via email.

Since the organization’s inception, SoundExchange has distributed more than $1 billion in royalties to recording artists and record labels for their digital performances on satellite radio, internet radio and digital cable TV music services. SoundExchange maintains tens of thousands of performer and rights owner accounts, and this collaborative initiative allows the organization to continue to expand on its efforts to ensure more and more artists receive their royalty share. BandPage is used by more than 500,000 musicians to set up their entire online presence, from Facebook to their website and blog.

Recording Artists & Record Labels Encouraged to Register

SoundExchange has launched a new and completely reconstructed online platform designed to streamline the registration process. This is the latest initiative by SoundExchange to put more resources and money into recording artists’ and labels’ hands. All recording artists and record labels are encouraged to register online to ensure they do not miss out on their performance royalties.

“SoundExchange ensures hardworking artists and labels get paid for their creative contributions, and also serves as an educational resource for those that want to learn more. This initiative with BandPage allows us to reach all types of musicians, and is part of our ongoing effort to spread the news about these royalties to all that have earned them,” said SoundExchange President Michael Huppe. “We appreciate the continued support from industry leaders like BandPage and look forward to the increased awareness that will come from this effort.”

“It’s incredible the amount of money that goes unclaimed each year, and we’re thrilled to be working with organizations like SoundExchange to help put that money back into working musicians’ hands,” said Chris Wiltsee, Director of Business Development at BandPage.
In addition, SoundExchange and BandPage hosted a live educational webinar in April 2012 as part of an ongoing SoundExchange series to inform and educate artists, labels and digital music services on a number of topics. To view a recording of the BandPage co-hosted educational webinar, visit our YouTube page.