SoundExchange Appoints Richard Conlon Chief Corporate Development Officer

SoundExchange Appoints Richard Conlon Chief Corporate Development Officer

Will Oversee Business Development Strategy for SoundExchange Companies

WASHINGTON, DC – September 19, 2018 – SoundExchange today announced the appointment of Richard Conlon as chief corporate development officer, a move that reflects the company’s commitment to expand its services to the music industry. Conlon previously served as chief external affairs officer.

“Richard’s leadership in the music industry makes him the ideal person to help drive our strategy to grow SoundExchange into a diversified portfolio of companies and services for the entire industry,” said SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe.

SoundExchange plays a critical role in the business of music, distributing royalties to many creator groups, advocating for fair pay across all platforms and developing solutions that support accuracy and transparency in royalty payments for the entire industry. SoundExchange subsidiaries SXWorks and the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) provide administration and licensing services to music publishers. Conlon is a member of the board of directors of SXWorks.

“SoundExchange is helping re-order the business of music by creating solutions that facilitate royalty distributions to music creators, setting standards and service levels that the industry can rely upon,” said Conlon. “SoundExchange is committed to innovation and growth delivered at the speed of digital.”

In his new role at SoundExchange, Conlon will lead the company’s expansion efforts into additional lines of services for labels, artists, music publishers and licensees. His team will leverage and build on SoundExchange’s core capabilities, business processes and technical assets, and will help coordinate services across the growing family of SoundExchange companies, including SXWorks and CMRRA.

Conlon has a long history of delivering innovative licensing solutions across the music industry. As chief external affairs officer, Conlon led SoundExchange’s industry relations, global public policy and communications teams serving the company’s community of 170,000 artists, rights owners and publishers. Prior to SoundExchange, Conlon was a principal at Rights Management Holdings and was a long time senior executive at Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), most recently as senior vice president of corporate strategy, communications and new media.