SoundExchange-Endorsed Music Licensing Reform Passes Major Hurdle in Senate

SoundExchange-Endorsed Music Licensing Reform Passes Major Hurdle in Senate

Capitol Hill Progress Shows Power of Music Community When it Organizes for Greater Good

WASHINGTON, DC – September 18, 2018 – SoundExchange today applauded the long-awaited passage of comprehensive music licensing reform by the U.S. Senate, a development made possible by artists and the entire music community working together to bring change to the industry.

The music industry now casts its eyes towards the U.S. House of Representatives, which must act before the legislation can go to the president for his signature. The Music Modernization Act makes progress in getting artists paid fairly and creating a more sensible payment framework.

Music creators were forceful, determined advocates for music reform. Tens of thousands of SoundExchange members reached out to members of Congress and urged them to make it easier for music creators to make a living. That included writing thousands of letters and emails and meeting with lawmakers hundreds of times to ask for their support in this epic fight for the future of music creators.

“This important milestone reflects the hard work of the SoundExchange community over the past five years,” SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe said. “It wasn’t easy, but we are on the verge of historic change because the industry built a coalition around reform and stood together. The SoundExchange community of recording artists, labels, publishers, producers, songwriters and studio musicians demanded change, and as an organization we backed them every step of the way.”

SoundExchange will monitor the progress of the bill closely. Follow updates on our Twitter handle @SoundExchange.