SoundExchange Enhances International Initiatives

SoundExchange Enhances International Initiatives

Organization Joins International Performer Database Association, Signs Five New Record Label Reciprocal Agreements and Announces New Department Head

WASHINGTON – SoundExchange continues to expand its global reach in collecting performance royalties for its member recording artists and record labels. The organization announced today it has joined the International Performer Database Association (IPDA) and has signed five new reciprocal agreements with record label collecting societies in France, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and Jamaica. With the addition of these agreements, it brings SoundExchange total number of international agreements to 22. Ryan Lehning, previously Senior Counsel for SoundExchange, was recently named Director of International to lead these efforts.

“We are enhancing our international capabilities to ensure our members (both artists and labels) receive performance royalties for the use of their recordings wherever they are performed,” said SoundExchange President, Michael Huppe. “SoundExchange is actively working to expand the territories where we collect foreign royalties, and we anticipate signing up additional territories throughout the year.”

Through IPDA, SoundExchange will extend its international presence and data exchange with foreign Performance Rights Organizations (PROs). Participation in IPDA will enable SoundExchange to increase the royalties collected on behalf of its members from overseas.

Recording artists and record labels may learn more about becoming members of SoundExchange on the membership page of our membership page, and are encouraged to also visit our international partners page for more information.