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How SoundExchange is Powering the Future of Music with Creator-Focused Solutions

Written by Michael Huppe

We.  Love.  Music.

It’s in our bones. It’s what we wake up thinking about and what inspires us to dream big.

For nearly two decades, SoundExchange has supported creators as they pursue their dreams. They make the music that moves us; we ensure their work is valued.

Now the music industry is in a period of transition, driven by technological transformation. 

From how artists are discovered to where creators engage with fans and even how we listen to music, our industry looks different than when we first started.  And every aspect of the music business must innovate to keep pace—including SoundExchange.

So today, we are proud to announce the first step in the next chapter of our journey to put creators first and power the future of music.

SoundExchange is rolling out a brand-new mobile app, new digital tools, and a new look, which will make the business of music easier for the artists, labels, managers, publishers, and digital service providers that rely on us to meet their obligations and achieve their goals.

These new tools allow creators to manage and track their royalty payments while at home, in the studio, on the road, and anywhere in between. And the website will serve as a one-stop shop for those looking to learn more about our efforts, like how to support the American Music Fairness Act, which will ensure creators are finally fairly compensated for their work on AM/FM radio, or our work to collect royalty payments abroad.

But most importantly, today’s announcement reflects the vision that is at the core of SoundExchange. We believe that when the business of music is easier, it makes the industry healthier, and enables creators to do what they do best —make the music which moves us and inspires us.

Today our creator community is 570,000 members strong. To date, we’ve distributed over $9 billion in royalty payments. And I can guarantee that our excitement and commitment to helping creators navigate the future of music is as strong as it was on day one. Every day, we look forward to building a fairer, simpler, and more efficient industry.  

Because no matter how much the industry changes, one thing will always be true: creators deserve to be compensated in line with the true value of the music they create.