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If you are a creator, register online now to receive royalty payments that may be due to you.

Registering is free, simple, and fast.


SoundExchange solutions make it easier for creators and their representatives to manage the business side of music. SoundExchange Direct is a free service available to all registered creators via the website or app. After registering, creators can search and claim their recordings, track their catalog, and review their digital royalty payments.




Recording artists and sound recording owners must be registered with SoundExchange in order to receive digital performance royalties for the use of their sound recordings on non-interactive platforms like SiriusXM, Pandora, and iHeart Radio. If you are a sound recording owner or a recording artist who has not registered with SoundExchange, then you can use the search tool below to see if you are owed royalties


SoundExchange maintains four lists that reflect different statuses for each music creator for which we have collected unclaimed royalties.

We do not have registration information for any of the Creators Artists or the registered parties have not made a complete claim.
We have registration information for some, but not all, of the Performers who make up these Creators. For example, we may have registration information and may be paying royalties to four members of a five-Performer Artist, but the fifth Performer is not registered with us and is not receiving his/her share of the Artist’s royalties.
We do not have current registration information for these individuals.
We do not have registration information for these entities/individuals, or the registered party has not made a complete claim.


The music industry has its own set of terms and phrases when it comes to the business of collecting royalties. Here’s our guide to key terms we think you should know.