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providing services to more than

3,600 digital service providers


SoundExchange assists 3,600-plus Digital Service Providers (DSP) to fulfill their legal requirement to pay performance royalties for the streaming musical content they play. Through its Licensee Direct service, it enables Digital Service Providers to calculate, certify, and submit digital performance royalties.

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Digital service providers (DSPs) are required by law to pay for streaming musical content they play. More than 3,600 DSPs rely on SoundExchange’s solutions to fulfill those obligations as well as address the challenges they face with increased amounts of data in their systems.

To play streaming musical content, DSPs must first obtain a performance license. Non-interactive digital streaming services — such as internet radio, satellite radio, and cable TV music services — are eligible to use the statutory license, giving them access to any commercially available sound recording.

SoundExchange’s Licensee Direct service assists DSPs seeking to determine if they are eligible for a performance license. To determine eligibility and sign up for Licensee Direct, click here. Using Licensee Direct, DSPs can calculate, certify, and submit digital performance royalties. In addition, DSPs can use via SoundExchange’s ISRC search tool to tap into an extensive database of 32 million-plus sound recordings to identify sound recordings for easier reporting and royalty payments.