What paperwork needs to be completed to implement an LOD?

SoundExchange requires two completed documents, as follows:

1) A completed, signed LOD (available here), which includes:

-Name of the Solo Artist or Group on the recording(s) (“Featured Artist”)
-Performer(s) legal name(s)
-Effective Date for the LOD (use Repertoire Chart if multiple effective dates)
-Performer(s) signature(s) and signature date(s), or Authorized Signatory*
-Performer(s) printed name
-Name of the Producer, Mixer, or Engineer (“Payee”) (i.e., the Creative Participant’s name or Company name. Please note that SoundExchange will only pay a company that is solely owned by the Creative Participant)
-Payee mailing address, telephone number and email address

*The Authorized Signatory is the authorized contact for the Featured Artist performer(s) on file with SoundExchange.

2) A completed LOD Repertoire Chart (available here) of recordings covered, which includes:

-Solo Artist or Group Name, Sound Recording Track Name, Effective Date and ISRC (if available) for each sound recording to be covered. You can look up ISRCs here ISRC.
-Payment Percentage (“Percentage”) for each sound recording, expressed as a percentage of the Featured Artist’s share. Do not enter as points or fractions of percentages.

Both of these documents are required for an LOD to become active. If either of these forms is missing or incomplete, SoundExchange will contact the person who submitted the LOD or the Featured Artist’s authorized contact to complete the information. This will delay activation of the LOD.