When will Creative Participants be paid?

Creative Participants will begin receiving payments from SoundExchange the next pay period in which their account reaches a distributable amount (either the following month or the following quarter depending upon the structure of their account) after the valid LOD becomes active with a couple caveats listed below.

  1. The Creative Participant’s royalty balance must meet SoundExchange’s payment threshold to be paid. Accounts receiving electronic payments will be paid monthly for balances greater than $100 and quarterly for balances greater than $10. Accounts receiving checks will be paid for quarterly for balances greater than $100.
  2. Creative Participants will not receive payment for a particular recording if that recording’s Featured Artist royalties become temporarily or permanently ineligible for payment. Examples of this include but are not limited to the recording’s royalties entering a Featured Artist dispute, or the Featured Artist’s withdrawal of registration from SoundExchange.