Who can receive Featured Artist royalties pursuant to an LOD?

SoundExchange will honor an LOD for Creative Participants who are not the featured artist on the sound recording or studio musicians or background singers

If there is any question whether an individual is eligible to receive Featured Artist royalties via an LOD, SoundExchange will reach out to the party who submitted the LOD to clarify the role of the Creative Participant listed on the LOD.

LODs are not used for one Featured Artist to pay another Featured Artist for a sound recording on which they collaborated (e.g., if a sound recording is released as “Artist A featuring Artist B,” Artist A would not execute an LOD to pay Artist B). Rather, SoundExchange would treat such a sound recording as a collaboration and allocate the Featured Artist royalties 50/50 between Artist A and Artist B (unless Artist A and Artist B inform SoundExchange of an alternative allocation).