Why should I register with SoundExchange?

SoundExchange is the sole organization that collects digital performance royalties for sound recordings in the United States. So, one of the main reasons you should register is to collect any and all of these royalties that are due to you. You might already have royalties waiting for you, and even if you don’t, it’s important to get your account set up in advance so that when you do have royalties available, everything is already in place for you to get paid.

SoundExchange pays royalties directly to music creators, offering monthly payments at one of the lowest administrative rates in the music industry (between 4-6%) and paying out most royalties within 45 days of receipt. Even better, you can opt in to monthly direct deposits to ensure that you get the money you deserve each month directly to your bank account—no more waiting around on paper checks.

Best of all? Registering with SoundExchange is free and easy to do using our online registration.