SoundExchange Announces Music Industry Veteran Linda Bloss-Baum as Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs

WASHINGTON D. C. – MAY 5, 2021 – SoundExchange, leading provider of technology solutions for sound recordings and music publishing, today announced Linda Bloss-Baum as Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs. Today’s announcement comes at a pivotal time as the music industry accelerates its transformation to a fully digital ecosystem and grapples with ensuring fair pay for creators when their music is played across recent and emerging digital-based platforms.

In this new role, Bloss-Baum will head up a revamped public affairs department driving a strategy centered on industry-shaping advocacy efforts in favor of the fair treatment of music creators in the digital age. In doing so, she will represent SoundExchange with critical external audiences, including lawmakers, regulators and industry stakeholders. Bloss-Baum will report to Esther-Mireya Tejeda, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, SoundExchange.

“We are at a critical juncture of transformation that will challenge the ways in which the music industry is organized and the policies we need to ensure its long-term health,” said Tejeda. “Linda’s expertise and background spanning the creator community, Capitol Hill and other policymakers is a perfect fit as SoundExchange seeks to address the industry’s challenges.”

Prior to her appointment, Bloss-Baum spent eight years serving as a liaison between SoundExchange and artists and industry leaders, most recently in the role of Senior Director, Artist and Industry Relations. That experience positioned her to effectively bring together the creator and policy worlds in search of answers to pressing music business and policy issues.

“The next five years will reshape the music industry, from where and how music is created and distributed, to the systems that make the business side easier, to how we create a just and equitable ecosystem that reflects the value of artists, labels, and other creators,” said Bloss-Baum. “With a member community of over 245,000, SoundExchange is the only organization that respects the totality of the industry, giving us an important responsibility at the intersection of the technology and music ecosystems.”

Prior to SoundExchange, Bloss-Baum served as a strategic consultant to music and entertainment companies and organizations. She is an industry veteran who ran the Warner Music Group office in Washington, D.C. and served as Vice President, Public Policy/Government Relations at Universal Music Group/NBC Universal and Time Warner, Inc.

Bloss-Baum earned a law degree from Catholic University Law School and is an adjunct professor at her undergrad alma mater, American University, where she teaches a class on “Protecting the Creative Class in the Digital Age.” She also serves on the Board of Directors for Leadership Music and the Gospel Music Association.


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