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How to guides & USEFUL LINKS


How to guides and useful links for managing your SoundExchange account below.



Maximize Your International Royalties with Augmented Metadata

Are you a sound recording owner (SRO) that has given SoundExchange the mandate to collect international royalties on your behalf? If so, we may require additional sound recording metadata in order to…

Direct Deposits: One Step to Faster Payments

Why switch to direct deposit? The direct deposit option makes you eligible for monthly payments (assuming you meet the $100 balance threshold) instead of quarterly payments for checks, and it allows…

New Licensee Direct Feature: Online Updates to Minimum Fee Forms

SoundExchange is making it easier for licensees to update the information they provide on their annual minimum fee forms. Licensees can now make online changes to those forms.  Prior to this new…

Understanding My Catalog: A Guide To “Overlaps & Disputes”

Are you a sound recording rights owner (SRCO) that has experienced your royalties being held due to an overlap or dispute with another SRCO over the ownership of a sound recording? Our…

Mastering My Catalog: A Guide to “Submit Recordings”

Are you are a sound recording copyright owner (SRCO) with sound recordings that you would like to add to the SoundExchange Repertoire Database? Our new “Submit Recordings” tool provides you with a…
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