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Luis Bonilla

Chief Technology Officer

As chief technology officer, Luis Bonilla oversees the technology systems and infrastructure that make SoundExchange the premier music tech organization. An eleven-year veteran of the company, Bonilla leads teams that build and manage databases, software, systems, and interfaces used by the SoundExchange community of 560,000-plus music creators and over 3,600 digital service providers.

Bonilla is responsible for the technology systems and infrastructure that underpin SoundExchange’s proprietary solutions and will oversee the scaling of next-generation tools to better enable the business of music.

Bonilla is also responsible for identifying and implementing technology innovations to create next-generation systems and tools that enable the company to scale to the growth of a booming digital music community, retain the lowest administrative rate in the industry, and create strategic business value for the organization.  

Prior to SoundExchange, Bonilla previously ran the IT department of Artistas Intérpretes Sociedad de Gestión, the audiovisual performer’s management organization in Spain. Bonilla currently seats at the Board of Directors of DDEX, the international standards-setting organization dedicated to improving the exchange of data and information across the music industry.

A native of Madrid, Bonilla holds a master’s degree in electronic and computer engineering and a bachelor’s in industrial engineering.