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    #LA! Tonight’s @ItsASchoolNight is a big one! @reypila @eliotsumner & more will join us for 1 epic night! FREE w/RSVP–
    .@musicFIRST sets the record straight on the MIC Coalition:

    Rachael Sage: The Best Piece of Music Career Advice I've Ever Gotten“I think I've just relied on something very simple to ground me and persevere: my work ethic… I've just always had an innate drive to make stuff, to do more, and to try to use the gifts I've been given, to their fullest.” – Rachael Sage Rachael Sage gives advice on becoming your own artist & breaking into the music industry. Check it out:

    As an advocate for the rights of artists, we have ALL your backs. Join The Mowgli's in becoming a SoundExchange member today and get compensated for your music streamed on digital radio!

    Musicians: Here's How to Create a Daily Success PlanWant to be a more productive musician? Check out this daily success plan:

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