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    Learn how to launch a service or report plays and payment for already existing services.

    Rates & Forms Licensing 101
  • We want to see artists & labels get paid the royalties they’ve earned–Do you have #money waiting? #musicbiz
    Performing or attending #SXSW16? Check out these 6 things you probably didn’t know about the fest: #SXSW
    Trying to make it as a #musician? @Sonicbids offers these 4 habits that won’t help you out: – by @Irgrrl666

    www.soundexchange.comService providers! In case you missed it, our latest issue of SoundWaves is out! Learn all about Licensee Direct and why you should be using it!

    Timeline Photos[VIDEO] What is SoundExchange? What are digital royalties? How do we collect and distribute royalties, and to who? All your questions are answered in ONE place. Check it out! This is SoundExchange:

    5 Ways to Find Inspiration When You're in a Creative RutWhat do you do to help yourself when you’re in a creative rut? Share with us in the comments below! #TipTuesday

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