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  • Karla Redding Andrews, @RichieFuray and @RepTedDeutch  #RespectAllMusic and believe in fairness. Do you?
    For every artist like @jtimberlake & @theroots, there is a pre-1972 artist who paved the way. #RespectAllMusic!

    I’m standing for music. Join Project 72 #RespectAllMusicTheir music transcended generations and withstands the test of time and they’re not being treated fairly. Support the artists you know and love by standing with

    Katy Perry Makes History, Sells More Music Than Anyone Else, EverFact: Katy Perry is the #1 digital singles artist with 72 million units. Meanwhile, The Beatles are the #1 album artists with 177 million units. #RespectALLMusic

    Behind every chart topper like Bruno Mars, there are legends like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, and The Temptations who inspire them. These legends deserve RESPECT. Video:

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