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  • For every @jtimberlake there are artists who paved the way that still need to make ends meet. More:
    #HappyBirthday @jtimberlake! The influential star turns 34 today. Celebrate by listening to one of his hits!

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    I’m standing for music. Join Project 72 #RespectAllMusic#ThisDayInMusic— 1969: #TheBeatles made their last-ever public appearance as a group with an impromptu rooftop concert in London. The fab four did more than make music, they inspired generations of artists after them to make their own. See how we're fighting for these legacy artists with #Project72. #RespectAllMusic

    SoundExchange | Does SoundExchange have royalties for you?We're celebrating here at #SoundExchange— our 2014 Q4 payment to recording artists and record labels is the largest 4th quarter in SoundExchange history with $183M paid to nearly 40,000 payees! Collect your royalties by becoming a #SXMember!

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