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  • All artists deserve fair pay. Tell your legislator to support #Project72 and #RespectAllMusic
    Which iconic pre-1972 artist paved the way for @jtimberlake? Check out the path of influence!
    Not all music is being treated fairly! Some digital radio services have decided to stop paying pre-1972 artists

    #RespectAllMusicWhat music inspires you every day? See what legendary pre-1972 artists inspired some of today's talent in our #RespectAllMusic video, and tell Congress to support your favorite pre-1972 artist by visiting

    Get On Up Featurette - A Look Inside (2014) - James Brown Biopic HD“If you love music that speaks to your soul, James Brown was doing it” - Ice Cube on legendary pre-72 artist James Brown. We are excited for the release of #GetOnUp on August 1st! #RespectAllMusic

    Get On Up Featurette - A Look Inside (2014) - James Brown Biopic HD“His whole thing was ‘this is my sound.’ That is a trailblazer. He found something that had never been done before” - Viola Davis on legendary pre-72 artist James Brown in the featurette for #GetOnUp #RespectAllMusic

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