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  • .@leeannwomack, @LukasGraham, @Madonna—who else is part of @MaddieandTae’s fantasy band? Find out in our Q&A!
    At SoundExchange, we’re passionate about the importance of music education in public schools. Learn more:
    #SXmembers @MaddieandTae shared their experiences with bullying & personal growth through adversity. Watch now:

    Timeline PhotosWe want to know: what is the real music capital of the United States? #SXfam

    The SoundExchange Social Circle ft. Maddie & TaeWe sat down with #SXmembers Maddie and Tae to chat about the roots of their hit single, “Sierra,” their experiences with high school bullying, their ultimate dream bandmates and more. Watch our Q&A:

    SoundExchange | Does SoundExchange have royalties for you?We have a whole database of artists and rights owners who have SoundExchange royalties waiting for them! Are you on it? Find out, then register to receive your money:

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