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  • What happens to our brains when we listen to music? @TinieTempah’s brain scan explores:
    With artifacts from #TheBeatles, #MickJagger and more, London’s @V_and_A is exploring the musical culture of the 60s
    Research shows that music can boost our immune systems and help us recover when we’re sick:

    SoundExchange | Why You Should Register with SoundExchange (and Become a Member)With The GRAMMYs now considering streaming in their awards selection, streaming is poised to become more dominant than ever. That’s why it’s time to join SoundExchange and start collecting royalties today. Learn more in our latest blog:

    SoundExchange | Registration & MembershipIf you aren’t registered with SoundExchange, you could be missing out on hard-earned royalties for your music! Don’t leave money on the table—collect them today.

    Timeline PhotosFrom Vine star to multi-platinum artist, we’re proud to support Shawn Mendes on his musical journey. Can’t wait to hear your new album, “Illuminate!” Thanks for the love, Shawn! #TestimonialTuesday

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