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    .@globalwebindex released research on online behavior of teens and found 60% streamed #music in the past month! More:

    SoundExchange | SoundExchange Sues Muzak for Underpaying Artists“Muzak is playing a shell game to cheat artists and rights holders out of royalties. It is bad enough that a handful of legacy services are permitted to pay below market value for the music at the heart of their business; but with this latest move, Muzak adds insult to injury by attempting to extend this unfair rate to newer, ineligible services.” —Mike Huppe, President & CEO, SoundExchange Read more about our lawsuit against Muzak:

    GlobalWebIndex: Teens spend lots of time, less money online – RAIN NewsGlobalWebIndex released research into the online behavior of teens and found 60% had listened to music on a streaming service in the past month and spends on average 0.74 hours a day listening to online radio. Keep those digital royalties coming! More:

    SoundExchange | SoundExchange Commends Reps. Nadler and Blackburn on Introduction of H.R. 1733,...The bill that is the most significant and comprehensive pro-artist legislation in copyright reform to come before Congress is here. Thank you Reps Jerrold Nadler and Marsha Blackburn for introducing the Fair Play Fair Pay Act! “We are pleased that Reps. Nadler and Blackburn have introduced legislation to address many of the issues that prevent music creators from receiving fair pay for their work.” — Michael Huppe, President & CEO, SoundExchange Read more on our blog:

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