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  • Go back through the #Tech #TimeMachine to see the progression of #music #Technology! Very cool. #TBT
    "Musicians and rights owners deserve to be compensated for their work." Read more about our Web IV Rebuttal:

    Jacking Into the Past with the Vintage Synth RevivalAn unexpected return of some of the great synthesizer brands and models are popping up in recording studios, trade shows, and tech labs. Cue nostalgia. #TBT

    SoundExchange | SoundExchange Files Web IV RebuttalSoundExchange Files Web IV Rebuttal Seeking Fair Rates for Artists and Labels from Digital Radio “Musicians and rights owners deserve to be compensated for their work, creativity and investment in music. Digital music services would not have a business if it wasn’t for the hard work and investment of these talented artists and labels.” —Michael Huppe, president and CEO, SoundExchange Read more:

    SoundExchange | Independent Music CommunityIt doesn’t matter how much you earn, every record label and artist should be treated with equal importance. That’s the way we do it. Check out how we distribute royalties and help artists and labels do what they do best—create the #music we love to listen to!

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