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  • Signed up w/ @ASCAP & @bmi? You could still be leaving money on the table if you’re not a #SXmember! Learn more:

    SoundExchange | SoundExchange Hosts Influencers Series at the Bluebird Café with BeBe Winans,...The SoundExchange Influencers Series is returning to Nashville’s famous Bluebird Café tonight! We have legendary gospel and R&B singer BeBe Winans joined by recent breakthrough gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds Muzik and young singer/songwriter Alexa Cruse. We can’t wait! “The Influencers Series is all about passing on what makes American music so great to the next generation of artists…We are so excited about the conversation and exchange of ideas that will take place at this wonderful event.” —Michael Huppe, President & CEO, SoundExchange More:

    SoundExchange Influencers SeriesLast night we returned to Nashville’s famous Bluebird Café to kick off the SoundExchange Influencers Series! Legendary gospel and R&B singer BeBe Winans was joined by recent breakthrough gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds Muzik and the talented singer/songwriter Alexa Cruse for an incredible night of music and conversation. The SoundExchange Influencers Series demonstrates the impact of legacy artists on today’s music and provides a forum to address issues currently facing our music legends, namely, fair pay and recognition for all sound recordings across all mediums and all eras of music. Click the link for more:

    Does SoundExchange Have Money For You?Are you a musician or comedian? Learn how you can collect digital royalties from your recordings played on Internet and satellite radio. Check out The Rik Roberts School of Laughs podcast featuring SoundExchange! Episode 048— SoundExchange May Have Money For You:

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