SoundExchange is an independent digital performance rights organization with a mission to support, protect and propel the music industry forward.

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  • Why should you register with #SoundExchange? Because you’re entitled to YOUR money! More:
    #Music streaming service @Deezer tells musicians to be patient: the money will come. More: via @mashable

    The SoundExchange Influencers Series with music legend BeBe Winans, breakthrough artist Jonathan McReynolds and the talented Alexa Cruse was a night to remember! Full of amazing musical collaborations and story telling of how these artists got to where they are today. Read on:

    Want to learn more about #SoundExchange, what we do and how we help #music creators like you? Our fact sheet breaks it all down for you:

    BeBe Winans and Jonathan McReynolds join The SoundExchange Influencers SeriesLast night we had the honor of having legendary BeBe Winans and breakthrough artist Jonathan McReynolds join the SoundExchange Influencers Series in Nashville. "The SoundExchange Influencers Series pays homage to the music’s past, present and future. We bring together established artists, artists in the middle of their career and artists who are just starting out, for a conversation about influence...and how we should celebrate the VALUE of music." — Mike Huppe, President & CEO, SoundExchange Read more about the incredible night:

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