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  • #SXSW 2016 applications are NOW open! Here’s how to get on the bill: #musician
    DYK if your #music plays on #digitalradio you could have money waiting? Search our database!
    Six of the most underrated #music cities in America: — What’s your favorite music city? via @hypebot

    4 Habits of Successful People That All Musicians Should AdoptWant to be more successful? Check out these 4 habits of successful people all musicians should adopt:

    A watershed time for musicWhat a pivotal time for music! Check out what SoundExchange’s CEO, Mike Huppe has to say in the Congress Blog. “It’s time for broadcasters, music services and everyone else in the industry to recognize that the justification for paying less than fair market value for music — if it ever existed — has long since passed.” Read more: Get involved by supporting the Fair Play Fair Pay Act! Click the banner on our homepage:

    All artists should be compensated fairly when their music is used, across all platforms. Period. We need your help to get the #FairPlayFairPay act off the ground! See more in our latest issue of SoundByte:

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