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  • "I’m really excited about the potential future of the relationship between me and [SoundExchange]." @kirkfranklin
    In case you missed it: Sirius XM loses second pre-1972 court judgment @RAINtwitter #RespectALLMusic #Project72

    Thank you #KirkFranklin for stopping by the SoundExchange office today! It was a pleasure having Official Kirk Franklin in the house! "[SoundExchange has] been a really strong blessing for me and my family."

    School Night!#LA set times tonight! Come out to School Night RSVP: 8:30pm - Fractures 9:30pm - Spookyland 10:30pm - Taymir 11:30pm - Fmlybnd JUST ANNOUNCED: DJ Set by Lovelife and DJ Pelau

    SoundExchange | Statement: Second California Court Confirms Legacy Artists Deserve “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”Statement: Second California Court Confirms Legacy Artists Deserve “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” “California courts have doubled down on the side of RESPECT for legacy artists. It’s unfortunate that Sirius XM forced these plaintiffs to go to court to vindicate their rights and the value of their music. But now there is no question– the legends of Motown, Jazz and Blues, and the artists who gave birth to Rock n’ Roll deserve fair payment for their music – just like everyone else,” said SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe. Write your member of Congress to support The RESPECT Act and learn more at #RespectAllMusic

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