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  • Today's artists get paid when their works are played on digital radio, but pre-1972 artists get nothing. Learn more @
    Happy Monday! Check out @ItsASchoolNight & RSVP for the #LA show tonight with @Telemanmusic, @WalkingOnCars and @BattleTapesband! #LABardot
    "If @ArethaFranklin drives listeners to digital music services, she should share in the revenue…,” said T Bone Burnett. #RespectAllMusic

    While artists of today are paid royalties when their works are played on digital radio services, artists who recorded their music before 1972 get nothing. ALL artists should be fairly compensated for their contributions to music! Tell Congress to fix this loophole! #RespectALLMusic

    School Night!Happy Monday #LA. Come out tonight and check out our line up at School Night! Live performance by Teleman, Walking On Cars, and Battle Tapes! Don't forget to RSVP @

    Check out some shots from our #LA #SchoolNight event this past Monday, Sept 22. Big thanks to our lineup motopony, The Rocketboys, @Pete Molinari and Gabriel Garzón-Montano . Photo credit: Martin Lambert — in Los Angeles, CA.

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