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  • Here’s your answer! Today in 1963, #TheBeatles spent the first day of their first foreign tour in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Musicians, what are you waiting for? Join the #SXfam to collect royalties for your music now!…
    READ: Our rate proposal and testimony on SDARS III:

    Timeline PhotosEven if you’re registered with SoundExchange, you may still need to become a member! Learn what the difference is and why you should be an #SXmember:

    SoundExchange | Independent Music CommunityAt SoundExchange, we work to elevate the whole music industry. Learn more about how we’re an ally for the independent music community:

    The SoundExchange Influencers Series - August 2016#FBF to jamming out at The Bluebird Cafe for our Influencers Series! We had a great time exploring the family musical influence with Marcus Hummon, Levi Hummon, Paul Overstreet, and Summer Overstreet.

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