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  • Can we get an encore for @sleepymanbanjo? Amazing performance @RespectCreators event on #CAPITOLHILL this week. #TBT
    Thinking of @idinamenzel on this #Frozen kind of day! #LetItGo
    SoundExchange is thrilled to present the sleepymanbanjoboys on Capitol Hill for a reception honoring…

    Can we get an encore for the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys? Thanks again for a great performance at the Creative Rights Caucus event on Capital Hill this week.

    "With the court in New York delivering a third strike against Sirius XM for its infringement of pre-72 recordings, we have to ask: How many rulings will it take until Sirius XM does the right thing? It was clear from the start that denying fair payment to legacy artists was wrong as a matter of fairness and justice. This decision confirms that Sirius XM’s conduct is also wrong as a matter of law,” said SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe. Read full statement here:

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