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  • We want to see artists advance their creative growth—#royalties from SX can help that happen!
    And the #music genre most streamed on digital platforms? #HipHop! Read about it here: via @BuzzFeed
    #Musicians—Got a show this weekend but suffer from performance anxiety? Try these 3 coping tips: via @hypebot

    How Hip-Hop Conquered StreamingHow Hip-Hop conquered streaming: “…the type of music that is driving its [streaming platforms’] growth is rap and R&B…data provided by Nielsen to BuzzFeed News shows that the first quarter of 2015 [has] hip-hop claiming a 25% share of streaming, compared to 23% for rock and 20% for pop.” Read more:

    Like comedian Rik Roberts, If your work is streaming on digital radio, you could have money waiting! Check our database and claim YOUR royalties!

    We're so excited to announce the SoundExchange Influencers Series is returning to Nashville's famous Bluebird Café on May 27! Legendary gospel and R&B singer BeBe Winans will be joined by recent breakthrough gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds Muzik and young singer/songwriter Alexa Cruse. The Series demonstrates the impact of legacy artists on today’s music and addresses issues currently facing our music legends, namely, fair pay and recognition for all sound recordings across all mediums and all eras of music. Read more:

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