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  • If you #ValueMusic, then you know how important it is to support the artists who dedicate their lives to creating it.
    Want to get paid when your #music plays on #DigitalRadio? That’s why we’re here! Plus joining is FREE & EASY!
    Love #TBT oldies? Did you know some #DigitalRadio services don’t pay digital royalties for music made before 1972?

    SoundExchange | Registration & MembershipEvery time your music is streamed on a #DigitalRadio service, you should be collecting #royalties for it. Become a SoundExchange member today to set up your digital royalty payments!

    Everyone has a childhood memory that reminds them of #Christmas. For Anthony Hamilton, it was “That little ugly cake with all the fruits . . . and the little red and green pieces in it. When you start bringing that out, it’s time.” LOL!! What lets YOU know it’s that time of year again?

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