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  • Love #TBT oldies? Did you know some #DigitalRadio services don’t pay digital royalties for music made before 1972?
    #DigitalRoyalties are no laughing matter! That’s why we give royalties to comedians & actors
    Every time your music is played on #DigitalRadio, you should be paid. Become a member to receive digital royalties

    SoundExchange | Registration & MembershipEvery time your music is streamed on a #DigitalRadio service, you should be collecting #royalties for it. Become a SoundExchange member today to set up your digital royalty payments!

    Everyone has a childhood memory that reminds them of #Christmas. For Anthony Hamilton, it was “That little ugly cake with all the fruits . . . and the little red and green pieces in it. When you start bringing that out, it’s time.” LOL!! What lets YOU know it’s that time of year again?

    I’m standing for music. Join Project 72 #RespectAllMusicArtists and record labels lost $60M in #royalties in 2013 alone because some #DigitalRadio services have stopped paying royalties for music recorded before 1972. It’s time we started to #RespectALLMusic equally!

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