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    "SoundExchange basically saved our lives." An amazing story from #SXmembers @alertthemedic this #TestimonialTuesday
    #DidYouKnow: In addition to musicians, we collect royalties for comedians, spoken word artists and actors! #TipTuesday #SXfam

    Timeline PhotosWe're not gonna lie - this week's #TestimonialTuesday got us a little teary eyed. Alert the Medic reminds us why we strive to help all artists get the royalties they deserve: “SoundExchange basically saved our lives. Up until about two years ago, we were being swallowed by debt and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bankruptcy was a word that was tossed around once or twice and was accompanied by great fear and sadness. Being an independent band from the east coast of Canada presents many challenges including economic woes, widespread populations, long travel distances between cities and (at times) harsh weather conditions. It was costing us a great deal of time and money to tour and we were barely covering our monthly overhead expenses. “After discovering SoundExchange, we were overwhelmed by the Royalty earnings that they had collected on our behalf. Needless to say a massive financial burden was lifted from our shoulders and we were finally able to concentrate on creating music in a positive, optimistic atmosphere. Our questionably safe touring van has been replaced with a newer, safer version and the desire to return to the highway has been rekindled. A new chapter has opened in the Alert The Medic Storybook and it owes a great deal to SoundExchange and their services!”

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