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Blu DeTiger has been making a name for herself as a bass guitar wizard who knows her way around an indie pop hook. This born-and-raised Manhattanite shares credit with the city for getting her to where she is today.

“I think growing up in New York gave me a certain edge that I really appreciate and a certain hustle that was kind of ingrained in me when I was really young,” Blu tells SoundExchange. “That has really helped me on my whole artistic journey. And just being around other creatives from a young age has been really inspiring and that helped when I started making my own music.”

DeTiger started playing bass at the tender age of 7 and found inspiration in classic funk and electronic music as she developed her own style. As a DJ, she gained attention for laying down bass grooves while spinning records, which led to opportunities to tour with the likes of Caroline Polachek, The Knocks, and FLETCHER. In 2019, she released her first tracks, including “In My Head,” “Figure it Out,” and “Cotton Candy Lemonade.” The latter pair were also included on her 2021 EP How Did We Get Here?

Writing and recording her own music is a process that the budding star sometimes uses to inspire herself.

Sometimes I’ll write something to try to empower myself, so the next day I can be like, ‘Woah I made that! That’s sick!’” she says.“Just feeling good about yourself, I think is important.

With her debut album, All I Ever Want is Everything (Capitol) just released on March 29, 2024, Blu DeTiger shares her combination of musical virtuosity and lyrical vulnerability with new audiences. It has taken her from clubs and theaters – where she has built a loyal following – to huge festival stages. However, she says this transition is not nearly as daunting as it might seem because she has put in the work that has given her the self-confidence to shine no matter where she plays.  

“Honestly, practice makes perfect,” Blu says. “The more you do it, the more you play, the more times you perform, the more times you’re in front of people, that’s always going to help ease any nervousness or any self-doubt you might have before you go on a bigger stage. So, honestly, just practice and know that it’s about the experience and having fun with it. Once you instill that in your brain, then the rest of it kind of goes away.”

And she’s bringing her dedicated followers – the Bass Army – along with her. DeTiger is proud of the fanbase she has built and reveals that it takes more than sharing her music on social media to create that community – it requires being there for her fans as much as her music is there for them.

“[I] make sure that people feel like they’re seen and supported. If they’re supporting me, I support them back; it’s a two-way street,” she explains. “So, I think that just putting time into it and talking to them and listening to them and hearing them out and hearing their stories… that helps to grow an authentic place where people feel like they’re seen.”

DeTiger’s authenticity comes through in the content she shares, which has been an important driver of her success to this point.

I just love to play, and I think showcasing that joy and that passion connects with other people”

she says. “So, honestly, just finding what you love and just doing that and then that love will translate on the screen.”

Not unlike many of her generation, DeTiger has found TikTok to be vital for connecting with fans. Her COVID-19 lockdown era covers posted on the app helped grow an audience that became receptive to hearing her original music. She says that committing to posting on the social platform is key, but self-confidence is just as important.

“I think when it comes to TikTok, consistency is key. Just sticking to what you do best and sticking to what you love,” Blu says. “If you get discouraged, just know that eventually it’s going to connect with the right people and the right people are going to see it. Also know that everyone else is also going through it. So, it’s not just you if you’re feeling that way.”

“The best advice I’ve ever received is to follow your path,” she adds. “Everyone has their own path and just follow yours and don’t lose sight of your thing. I think that’s the best advice.”

Developing her career has been as much a business venture as a creative one. DeTiger says that understanding the complexities of the business of music is crucial for entrepreneurs like herself.

“When you’re building your business, the first step is educating yourself on where these different revenue streams are coming from, and where artists can make their income,” she explains. “Just being aware of that is the first step to being able to build a stable and comfortable lifestyle for yourself. And you can put that money back into your art and support your art. So just being educated on how streaming income works and for shows – how much money it takes to put on a show and what you’re getting back from it and where the money is flowing in and out – will just really help in understanding how the music business works.”

DeTiger’s talent and creativity has drawn an impressive list of collaborators and creative partners, having toured with Sabrina Carpenter and Charlie Puth, played with Dominic Fike and Bleachers, and worked with Olivia Rodrigo. She tells SoundExchange that those opportunities worked out because those artists have a comparable musical sensibility and drive to her own.

“I love people who are passionate about what they do and who give their all to what they do. I like people who care a lot because I do, too,” she says. “So, when you’re matched with other people that have the same care for things that you do, I think it can be magical.”

So, we had to ask, who’s on Blu’s list of dream collaborations?

“Ooh, maybe write with Taylor Swift. I mean, who wouldn’t?” she says. “Or maybe Beyonce? I want to dance on stage with Beyonce – I mean, I’m not even a dancer – but imagine me and Blue Ivy dancing. The ‘Two Blues,’ dancing on stage with Beyonce!”